Tacoma Skid plate 4


Our Story

There is something about an adventure that grips everyone who buys a Tacoma.  The freedom to know you can go anywhere.  The truck is light and nimble but built tough.  Toyota engineering is legendary and their ability to build exactly what the customer wants is why it's one of the best selling trucks since it was introduced.

We wanted to take it one step further.  The Tacoma might be good but it's lacking a few key features for the off road enthusiast.  The underbody of the truck is at best protected by thin pieces of stamped sheet metal.  Ideal for mass production and keeping costs down.  For those of us venturing off the urban jungle, it's not sufficient.

It's our vision to build the best quality skid plates on the market today period.  We have teamed up with a leading manufacturing company to create and build world class skid plates.  Utilizing the latest in CNC laser cutting, forming and TIG welding technology we hope to take the underside of your truck from good to great.