Return to Dash Hill part 2


Our goal was a mountain top called Dash hill.  The summit was 8500 above seal level and because of its northern location we could see snowfall even in late August.  We had set out in early september hoping to time the weather just perfect.  The sweet spot where there is zero snow on the ground and just before the first cold front of winter arrives to the North.


Thanks to Graham’s google earth skills we had turn by turn directions to our camp site 8 hrs away.  At first the trucks were cruising comfortably in 2×4 with nothing more than the odd pot hole in the road.  But soon the road degraded into a rough forest service road.  Trucks got locked into 4×4 and our aluminum skid plate could be put to the test.


We talked the baboons ear off about how intense the ride to the top of Dash would be.  


“Ya man, it’s crazy! Sometimes the trail is only a few feet wide with a 4000ft scree slope to the valley floor just to your left, one wrong move and you’re going to the bottom.” commented Graham.


“It’s so steep in sections if you lose traction and your bikes stops you might never get it going again,” chimed Greg.


By now the Baboon was beginning to question the trip and wondering what he had got himself into.  Nevertheless we trucked on.  Skid plate and all bumping down the road.


Setting up camp next to the river.  Tents off to the left and just enough room for both trucks. This would be home for the next three days.


There was really no campsite.  The area was so remote it was a matter of finding a place to get the trucks off the road and tents set up.  After much deliberation was settled on a small pull out by a river.  It wasn’t big but we had water and a place to keep the trucks while we explored on our bikes.


Finally after a full day of travel that by most people’s standards would be a wild adventure into Canada’s remote North we had arrived at what was effectively the start of our trip.  Tomorrow would be spent getting on the bikes and learning to ride them with massive backpacks filled with fuel, close and spare parts.  To make it to Dash hill would require a full day of riding.  We would have to carry everything with us.  If anything happened to anyone it would be a full day’s trip to get help…  

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