Return to Dash Hill part 3


“It’s the iron giant” exclaimed Graham as we looked up the 8500 ft peak.  Coated in a red tinge the mountain looked like a martian landscape.  This was because of its high iron content and the reason for the trail that would lead us to the top.  Local mining companies had laid claim to it years ago and built a road to the top.  Old core samples could still be found near by in wooden trays.  Even though the rock was red I must not have had what they were looking for because mining had never been started.  Lucky for us, it left a small track to the top.


We ditched everything we didn’t need for the ride.  Extra equipment and fuel was stashed at the bottom so we could make the final assent to the top at 8500ft.  Even after tuning the bikes for riding at this altitude they would lose over 50% of their horsepower.  It would be a test of man and machine one wrong move, loose rock or mechanical familiar could send a rider hurling to the bottom of the scree slope or off a cliff face.  


As expected the trail was challenging and harrowing.  Sometimes you where only a foot or two from going over the edge.  But in the end we all got to the summit with no problems.  The view was amazing and there were high fives allround.  For Graham and I we had dreamed about returning to this peak for years.  From the very first time we had set foot on it we had been drawn back to it.  There was something about it.  It keeps calling you back.


Anthony had made the harrowing journey to the top of Dash Hill for the first time and concurred the Iron giant.  As I write this we are planning a new trip to be launched in only a few weeks.  The baboon like last time will be recording everything and making a mini motion picture movie.  Like last time, it’s bound to be an Adventure…


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Standing at 8500 ft on Dash Hill

From left to right.  Anthony, Graham and Greg.

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