Return to Dash Hill


We had been planning for weeks.  Sneaking into the company office to get on google earth and scope out the trail.  It had been years since we had been back to Dash hill and the anticipation was killing us.  The last time we had been there was 4 years ago and the memories of riding our dirt bikes to the top of the 8500 ft peak were still as fresh as yesterday.  The mountain air, cold nights by the river and long hours on the bikes were calling to us.  


Greg had spent weeks planning all the logistics of the trip.  Gear and equipment for three guys, two trucks and the dirt bikes.  There had been a mountain of work to do. Prepping the trucks, tuning up the dirt bikes and organizing mountains of equipment we would need to survive in the remote wilderness of Canada.  Fuel, food, water, spare parts, clothing and of course beer.  Had to be organized and packed.

Our 2007 Tacoma and Tundra on the last of the paved road.

We would be using two tucks for this trip.  Both Toyota’s one a Tundra and one a Tacoma.  Both were stock  with the exception of our Tacoma4x4 aluminum skid plate fitting to the bottom of the tacoma.  Eight hrs of dirt roads and then a three hrs 4×4 trail until the path turned to single track would be a testing ground and the start of our adventure.  From there we would ride five more hrs by dirt bike to the top of Dash hill.  


Anthony was our Videographer and would spend countless hours recording our trip.  We called him the baboon because of his lackluster approach to organization.  And carefree attitude to planning anything. A stark contrast to Greg who had a kit list for every member of the team.


Graham was the mechanic, cook and the glue who kept the team together.  He had been to Dash hill before and knew the commitment that was involved in getting there.  He had spend hours on google earth planning our trip and helping the Baboon get this bike, clothing and just about everything he would need ready for the trip.  


It was a hot sunny day in early september when we set off on our Adventure.  Before then the end friendships would be deepened and legends born.   

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